Claremont Rocks!

Our resident educator, Jennifer,  or “Sex Lady” (as she is most often called!) spent the past four days facilitating Planning 10 classes with students at Claremont Secondary! As usual, the students and teachers (Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Bussoli, Ms. Ross) were completely inspiring and amazing! So many awesome and thoughtful questions and lots of funny moments – thank you all so much for working with Island Sexual Health – YOU are the best!  

Many thanks to Zeev B who made this amazing picture based on some of the topics we covered at Claremont this week - I LOVE IT!

Adventures in the Land of Your Doctor’s Office: Part 1 – Pap Smears aka Cervical Screening

When you turn 21, the first thing you’ll probably be thinking about is running off to Vegas (you’re legal now!) – the last item on your mind would be running off to your doctor. Yet, even if you haven’t had sexual contact at that point, or it hasn’t been the recommended three years since your first sexual contact, that’s when you should be scheduling a Pap test. And if you’re a teenage girl, this isn’t likely what you’re going to Read more…