Getting tested by Cher

STI Testing: Why You (and Everyone Else) Should Get Tested by Cher Ghafari       Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – they’re the same thing can be scary for any one. Even as someone who volunteers at a sexual health clinic and is considered low risk (ie. is in a monogamous relationship and uses condoms) I STILL get nervous when I go for a regular check up – even though I know Read more…

Another myth busting video on Bodies and STIs

Here’s video #2 of the three awesome videos that our youth committee and leaders Lexi and Sam made earlier this Spring. All the questions in this video are actual questions asked by youth during this year’s classroom workshops. This clever clip focuses on myths and facts around Bodies and STIs.

myth vs fact2

Definitions of Bisexuality, Pansexuality and Polysexuality by Eliana

Alright everyone, buckle in. I’m going to explain the differences between bisexuality, pansexuality, and polysexuality. There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of the last two, and that’s fine. Neither had I, before this year. But don’t worry: I’ve done my research.   The first thing you need to know is that there are a variety of genders. Yep, not just male and female. Some people feel like they are a mix of the two, male one day and female Read more…

dictionary post

Claremont Rocks!

Our resident educator, Jennifer,  or “Sex Lady” (as she is most often called!) spent the past four days facilitating Planning 10 classes with students at Claremont Secondary! As usual, the students and teachers (Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Bussoli, Ms. Ross) were completely inspiring and amazing! So many awesome and thoughtful questions and lots of funny moments – thank you all so much for working with Island Sexual Health – YOU are the best!  

Many thanks to Zeev B who made this amazing picture based on some of the topics we covered at Claremont this week - I LOVE IT!

Adventures in the Land of Your Doctor’s Office: Part 1 – Pap Smears aka Cervical Screening

When you turn 21, the first thing you’ll probably be thinking about is running off to Vegas (you’re legal now!) – the last item on your mind would be running off to your doctor. Yet, even if you haven’t had sexual contact at that point, or it hasn’t been the recommended three years since your first sexual contact, that’s when you should be scheduling a Pap test. And if you’re a teenage girl, this isn’t likely what you’re going to Read more…


Meet Alexandra, the 2nd half of our amazing blogging duo!

Imagine walking down the street wearing a feather boa tossing condoms at various strangers in the streets. This is just one aspect of the incredibly glamorous life lived by a youth volunteer for island sexual health, an organization that I consider myself lucky to be a small part of. My name is Alexandra, and I am an 11th grade student who began on the youth committee last spring. I initially joined as I found what they did for the community Read more…


What’s Youthspeak?

Youthspeak is the section of beyond the talk that belongs entirely to youth! – It is a place where members of our youth committee will share their ideas, opinions, experiences, and interesting finds (sites, blogs, projects, programs, etc.) Check back regularly for articles, art, rants, and raves from our amazing youth! If you have ideas, writings, art, anything you would like to share with us, email us and we’ll chat more about how that can be included in Youthspeak!   Read more…


Our first youth blog posting!!

Hello lovely readers! My name is Alison, and I’m going to be writing regularly on Beyond the Talk for you, along with Alex. We’re both members of the Island Sexual Health Society (ISHS) Youth Committee, a group of young people who provide feedback and pitch ideas to the organization so that they can ensure their message gets across to youth in an engaging, informative manner. I’m a part of this effort; you see, I’m an 18-year-old girl in my first Read more…