Birth Control for Partners

passing condom colour

There are still very limited birth control options for people with sperm.

The main options that are currently available are:

Because most methods are used by the person with the uterus, the person with the sperm might feel that they have little power when it comes to birth control use.  This is far from true! All partners should share in the responsibility of preventing pregnancy – it’s a sign of an intimate, mature, and respectful relationship and if pregnancy risks are minimized – guess what’s more likely to be maximized? Pleasure!

Birth control methods are more effective when all/both partners know how they are properly used. Some methods are extremely time sensitive, and some people may forget to take or use them because life gets in the way sometimes. When everyone know show a method works, there is less of a chance of misuse. If someone forgets, their partner can remind them.

We always welcome partners to go into the clinic for education, together or separately.

And for your quick reference, here’s a handout that gives you some great information in pamphlet form!