Pregnancy options

If your pregnancy test is positive and you were not trying to get pregnant, then you may want to talk about your options. There are three legal pregnancy options in Canada:

  1. Continue the pregnancy and parent
  2. Continue the pregnancy and place your baby for adoption
  3. End the pregnancy by having an abortion

Every one of these options can be explored in a confidential manner for people of all ages.

It’s important to get the support you need to help you with your decision. This support may come from:

  • your partner, friends, and family
  • a reputable counselling program (make an appointment to speak to someone at Island Sexual Health Society). Be aware that some “crisis pregnancy” and “pregnancy options” centres have a pro-life (anti-abortion) bias. At ISHS we are pro-choice, which means we offer unbiased information about all your options.
  • Make sure you pick someone you trust and who cares about you, however, remember that in the end this decision is yours to make. Consider your feelings and situation above everything else.

There are many things to think about if you face an unintended pregnancy. You may want to consider:

  • Your feelings about being pregnant
  • Your plans for the future
  • Your thoughts, values or beliefs about each of your choices
  • Make sure you get all the information you need to make your decision. Take time to explore your feelings and consider your options.


We recommend that all people looking for pregnancy option support and information ask all potential resources whether or not the provision of equal, non-biased, factual information on all options (including abortion) is part of their service.

P.O.S. Pregnancy Options Service (in BC) 1-888-875-3163

A telephone service that helps women make informed choices. We operate a FREE telephone service to help people with unintended pregnancies find support, information, and services as close to home as possible.

Pregnancy Options is an excellent online resource that can assist in the decision making process. It is a US based resource that provides a printable workbook that may be helpful.

School Counsellors and other counsellors can also be a great source of support for youth. Remember that you can speak with them confidentially as well.