A big reason why people choose to have sex is because it can feel good and provide physical and emotional pleasure. Every person is different and what feels great and comfortable for some bodies (and minds!) may not feel as great for others. We know that experiencing pleasure can happen through fantasy, masturbation or sex with someone else.

We know how complicated sex can be so it makes sense that pleasure is no different. We also know that they biggest skill when it comes to sexual pleasure is the ability to communicate – openly, honestly, and comfortably with yourself and those you’re with. We also know that the brain is the biggest  part of the pleasure experience – it sends and receives sensory signals, it processes and regulates sexual feelings, our sexual hormones are processed by the hypothalmus, and don’t forget the super important release of oxytocin, dopamine, and seratonin that influence our pleasure BIG time.

We encourage youth to know your own body, brain, and mind,  your values and beliefs,  know your boundaries and desires, to take care of yourself and your sexual health needs, to  and to be able to communicate this to others! Wow – this is complex stuff!

One of our most favourite resources online is Scarleteen and their section on pleasure is probably the best around!