How does puberty change your physical, emotional and social self?

The simple answer is hormones! All the changes in your physical and emotional self are caused by your hormones, which are chemicals in your body that cause it to change. As you move through puberty, these chemicals will eventually make it possible for you to cause someone to become pregnant or become pregnant. Hormonal changes kick in when your pituitary gland gives the go-ahead to your sex glands (ovaries for girls, testicles for boys). Your sex glands then make hormones and send them to other parts of your body, causing all the changes of puberty. A male’s main hormone is called testosterone, produced in the testicles, and female’s main hormones are called estrogen and progesterone, produced in the ovaries. These hormones are the reason why there are physical and emotional changes during puberty.

Emotional Changes

Just like your body is changing, so are your mind and your emotions. You’re definitely getting a lot smarter, and you’ve learned a lot about more about how the world works and how you feel about yourself and your friends and family. You may feel more emotional or notice your reactions to things more than you used to.

You might notice that you experience what people call “mood swings” – going from feeling happy to unhappy or sad without any real reason. You may notice you feel less patient with your family and friends and you may sometimes feel like no one understands what’s going on for you. The good news about all this is that you will not feel like this forever, it is really just helping you to practice your adult emotions! Make sure that you have lots of things to help you feel better on the days that you feel less than great! They might be things like having a nap, playing the guitar, walking your dog, listening to your favourite music really loud, watching tv, dancing crazy, talking to your mom, or baking something delicious. Whatever you do for yourself, just remember that whatever you‘re feeling is ok and it’s ok to ask for help if something is bothering you!

If your feelings start to overwhelm you, and you don’t feel like you can deal with something on your own, just go talk to someone. Find someone you trust and feel comfortable talking to – your parents, a coach, a teacher, an aunt or uncle – and just tell them what’s on your mind. These people care about you and want to help. It may seem like it’s been a long time since they were your age and that everything has changed but some things are always the same, no matter what.