How does puberty change your physical, emotional and social self?

The simple answer is hormones! All the changes in your physical and emotional self are caused by your hormones, which are chemicals in your body that cause it to change. As you move through puberty, these chemicals will eventually make it possible for you to cause someone to become pregnant or become pregnant. Hormonal changes kick in when your pituitary gland gives the go-ahead to your sex glands (ovaries for girls, testicles for boys). Your sex glands then make hormones and send them to other parts of your body, causing all the changes of puberty. A male’s main hormone is called testosterone, produced in the testicles, and female’s main hormones are called estrogen and progesterone, produced in the ovaries. These hormones are the reason why there are physical and emotional changes during puberty.

Physical Changes

Puberty is your body physically changing from a child to an adult. It is how your body matures to become ready to reproduce (create and have babies). You will notice a lot of new things about your body through this process. Luckily, they usually don’t happen all at once! There’s lots of time while you’re growing up to get used to the changes. Remember, puberty is different for every body. Your changes are going to be slightly or maybe a lot different (you may be taller or shorter, you may need braces on your teeth or your friend may need glasses) from the changes in your friends and classmates at school, but don’t let it worry you – each of our bodies takes its own natural course.

Some young people say that it helped them to get to know their own body during puberty. Have a look at your entire body in front of a mirror (in private!). It may seem kind of strange to do this but it can be helpful to see how your body is changing and growing. Some people say it helped them to be more comfortable with the changes and to be able to know what was different with their body.