Meet Alexandra, the 2nd half of our amazing blogging duo!


Imagine walking down the street wearing a feather boa tossing condoms at various strangers in the streets. This is just one aspect of the incredibly glamorous life lived by a youth volunteer for island sexual health, an organization that I consider myself lucky to be a small part of. My name is Alexandra, and I am an 11th grade student who began on the youth committee last spring. I initially joined as I found what they did for the community very important, and because I wanted to have my voice heard when it comes to sexual health. The majority of the time, it seems that teens and youth are treated as either sexual deviants or as puritan angels that need no education about sexual health whatsoever.

However, ISH was different, as they treated sexual health as just another part of overall health, and instead of teaching people that sex is dirty, they simply educate people about safe sex and how to minimize risk. I think it’s important to help educate youth, as in my personal life I’ve seen too many people who are simply unaware of risks, or feeling ashamed and not reaching out if something does happen. By providing sexual health services, and by offering the youth committee, ISH gives people a voice. As well as being a valuable part of the community, I also like the youth committee because it provides opportunities to volunteer at various events, such as talking to people at Rifflandia or dressing up and participating in Pride Parade. And admittedly, I love any opportunity to wear a feather boa!

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