The external or male condom is a thin sleeve put over the penis (or sex toy) before sex. They can be made from latex or non-latex and are one of only 2 methods which will provide protection against pregnancy and STIs.


  • Reliable if used correctly 98% with perfect use
  • Reduce risks of both pregnancy and STIs
  • Available in many different fits, makes, brands
  • Available in drug stores, grocery stores, health clinics without a prescription


  • Must be used before sex and have on hand at the time of sex

How effective are condoms?

Condoms are extremely effective in preventing pregnancy and some STIs if used correctly. 98% if used perfectly but the effectiveness drops to about 85% with average use.

How do condoms work to prevent pregnancy and STIs?

Condoms are a physical barrier that stops the sperm from entering the vagina and meeting up with an egg in the uterus. Condoms also prevent the exchange of all sexual fluids and reduce the amount of skin to skin contact which make them effective in reducing the risk of STIs.

How do I get condoms?

Anyone at any age can buy condoms at drug stores, some grocery stores, gas stations. You can often get them for free from school counselors, youth workers, youth clinics and sexual health clinics. You can always get free condoms at Island Sexual Health. No one has to know.

How do I use an internal or male condom correctly?

    • store condoms at room temperature away from direct sunlight
    • check the expiry date and the package to make sure there is air inside before opening
    • tear along one side of the package, don’t rip it!
    • make sure the condom is the right way up
    • pinch the tip of the condom to remove air (if you don’t, it increases the chance of breakage!) You can also place a single drop of lube inside the end of the condom to increase feeling and strength of condom.
    • place the condom on the erect penis
    • unroll the condom straight down to the base of the penis while pinching the tip of the condom
    • after ejaculation, while the penis is still erect, hold onto the rim of the condom and withdraw the penis
    • remove the condom away from your partner’s body
    • wrap the condom in tissue and throw the condom in the garbage

Anything else I should know about male/internal condoms?

  • use only one condom at a time
  • use a condom every time you have sex! (vaginal, oral, and/or anal)
  • using condoms helps prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • use water based lubricants with condoms to avoid breakage and discomfort
  • only use each condom once!
  • don’t carry condoms anywhere they might get damaged or hot ie: your wallet
  • both partners can help put the condom on properly!
  • do not use a female (internal) condom and a male condom together due to friction leading to breakage