Text us your Sexual Health Questions!

youth texting

Do you have questions about sexual health and want to make sure you get accurate and honest information? You can text Island Sexual Health at 250-812-9374. We’re available Monday-Thursdays from 3-5pm to answer questions and offer resources on sexuality topics completely confidentially!! Your text will be answered by Island Sexual Health staff in a private and confidential manner. This program has been generously funded through Telus.

Confidential means that we will not provide any information that you share with us to anyone outside of our organization. What you say to us stays with us.  However, there are a few exceptions in which we must breach confidentiality because of a duty to inform if we have identifying information. These situations include:

  • If you are a minor that is being harmed or has been harmed in the past.
  • If you tell us that you plan to hurt yourself or someone else.